This website has been developed as a resource to world of Manual Medicine. While clinicians have the ultimate goal of providing an effective diagnosis & treatment, there are numerous means to this end. Many patients suffer from musculoskeletal dysfunctions, yet there are inherent challenges to designing objective research of these conditions and their treatment. This site has made an effort to offer a fair representation of the available Manual Medicine research & resources. By no means is this website all-inclusive, but rather an attempt to touch on some points of interest. Clinicians must utilize professional judgment & responsibility to interpret the presented research/literature (NIH).

Each category below includes a brief description of the main tenants & links to research that support/question/refute these subject matters. A quarterly key term search of internet databases will be conducted & categories updated with pertinent research.

Manual Medicine – Links will connect you to further information on Manual Medicine Associations, Educational Centers, Institutes, Journals & Other Links.

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May 2008

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March 2008

Evidence in Motion - Critically Appraised Topics
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